Even when RABBII fall into the depths of dark themed content, the presentation and music composition from these Swedes is defined by its beguiling charm and far reaching beautifulness.

Johanna Berglund’s otherworldy vocals are the stuff of graceful, entrancing whispers that speak out beyond a higher plain of earthly descent. Haunting and touching on the mysterious, her ethereal sweet voice hangs in the air like the twilight zone beckoning us into the land of dreams.

Of course, this is something that the Swedish have proved themselves to be extremely good at, on numerous occasions before. Although, if it were not for Felix Persson’s sleek electronic accompaniment for his part of RABBII, the overall aura would be amiss of a key ingredient. Creating an ambience of delicate atmospheric poignancy and resplendent waft of all affecting melody.

Sadness” tips in as RABBII’s most emotively deep exploration into alterative pop, whereby they bear more of their profoudly thinking selves though sharp, almost philosophical lyrics.

Intelligently stylized throughout. The bittersweet majesty of “Sadness” is best experienced to its fullest measure when the onset of nightfall clocks in and the mind becomes switched onto processing intense thoughts and reflection.