The drum and bass genre does appear to be drawing in a number of accomplished vocal talents of late to assist upon the hard hitting attitude stemming from this strand of heavyweight dance direction. Yet you can’t deny that the acquisition of the Gossip band’s exuberant front woman Beth Ditto as collaborator would turn out anything other than with a powerhouse performance upon it.

Well known in electronic music circles, Belgium producer Netsky may well have one this summers most potently frenetic cross-over hits on his hands with the bass pummelling velocity of “Running Low” featuring the aforementioned Beth Ditto.

Even if you don’t fall so hard for drum and bass as a rule, Beth’s bold, dynamic and emotively impressive vocal range is likely to put paid to all of that, in one fresh blast of the supercharged force of the initial verse and chorus.

Hold onto tight to your hats since “Running Low” is likely to cause a commotion of good but intensely thundering sorts and will leap forth and slay upon whatever lays directly within it’s path.

One last thing:- Look up the term juggernaut in the dictionary, since it now has been amended to have Netsky, Beth Ditto and “Running Low” beside it.