Kaleida-Artwork 1

From the recent presentation of an otherworldly art embraced video for track “Tropea”, synth-pop duo Kaleida continue building towards the imminent release of the “Think” EP by issuing new track “Ruby”.

It has been said by us before, that Christina’s vocals particularly perform out with all the charming similarity of a Dido doppelganger, well on “Ruby” this appears even more so the case.

Fuelled by musical partner Cicely’s bubbling synth production “Ruby” transpires in an elegant stripped back electro-pop manner born via the entwining of enveloping atmospheric sound shapes and melodically breathy harmonies. Whilst, it might also be said that the verses are also giving of a certain amount of sultry “Fever” like allure coming through.

To our mind, top notch work on all accounts for what forms a self-produced EP.

Kaleida cordially invite you to come on down, if you’d like a night on the town with the sounds of synth music carried in the air. As preluding Kaleida’s tour support dates with Roisin Murphy in May, the ladies are to hold their own “Think” EP launch night with the equally fabulous April Towers at Birthdays in London, April 11th.