Hurts promised us the experience of a bold odyssey would unfold in taking us to the launch of their upcoming 3rd studio album “Surrender” and with that announcement they brought us quite the unexpected jolt of uplifting melody spliced into a key shift change of dynamic on the first single release “Some Kind Of Heaven”.

We heard for ourselves orchestral arrangements atuned with pop sensibilities with the onus still firmly extended on giving an epically enraptured dramatic fuelled performance and were keen at once to hear of what Hurts x their production team of Stuart Price, Ariel Rechtshaid and Jonas Quant could further have in store.

Thankfully the wait out hasn’t been ever so long, as to coincide with the unveiling of the album artwork and tracklist details Hurts have also filtered out another track in anticipation of the album release which acts as part of the instantly downloadable bundle rolled out in availability at pre-order.

Hurts were not kidding on the odyssey statement! “Rolling Stone” unfolds like a suspenseful electronic pop hit of melodrama shot through with a bracing build-up of strings assisting its epic fuelled context whilst, Theo’s pop noir vocal heads up in a supremely majestic performance to this.

Good golly WOW whatever have Hurts got stored away that could in so much top this! My brain is too gasmically boiled on heat to even contemplate upon it at the moment.