Venior DSC7676

She ignited a spark within us recently, as highlighted as an emerging artist. So, soon we are back with the young Finnish pop concern Venior, who surges forward to pour truth on that statement by unleashing brand new single “Robber” ahead of playing her debut London show for Ja Ja Ja at the Lexington – April 28th.

When I previously called Venior out, we were witness to some of her creative prowess unleashed, demonstrating an eclectic mixture to which she playfully infiltrates with her peppy personality placed at the forefront of all things.

Indeed, Venior’s single “Sugar Rush” held a clear comparison drawn in influence to Elliphant, whereas latest release “Robber” doesn’t play into any of that dynamic, shedding some it’s urban weight in favour of a sugar-coating of synths this time around.

Never fear though, Venior hasn’t given up on presenting herself as a bit of a live-wire, as she’s packing the vocals in as edgy and sassy all the same on “Robber”.

If Venior’s trying out for that something which is likely to pile in a few more fans, then the popcentric mainstream cut of “Robber” is ripe enough to see that this happens, in much the same way as this kind of move brought Tove Lo to the masses.

For Venior though, there is probably a bit more work to do, but seems to me she’s on it and giving out plenty of positives. More for me, I like an artist that doesn’t stay in the same place and for all the Venior.

I have heard to date, this is not something that she is pinned down in a tick box with. Quite that she’s a spunky little thing with a head-full of ideas which she is intent in seeing through and actioning. Which is all totally as it should be as she’s breaking out.

Venior’s clearly as vivacious as her very strawberry ripe hair. Fair play to her firing out the confetti-pop guns of youth and artistry like this.