Draco Draco

Electronic pop newcomers Draco Draco came to our attention earlier this year as they set about creating some buzz in introduction to their intelligently stylized imprint of genre straddling EDM.

First scoring our interest with the upbeat, pop sensible, dance-pop effort “Stars”, Draco Draco showed us that they were anything but average when applying their authentic signature strokes of soulful vocal allure from Danny Polaris, in the mix of the softly sweeping sonic waveforms of Dave Whiting’s melodic encrusted EDM.

Since this short amount of time has passed the duo have now amassed enough material to release a debut EP, titled “River Cry”. As with any debut content, the EP gives an insight into the diversity that makes Draco Draco stand out from the pack. From the considered electronic engineering right down to the jazzy timbre resonance brought off of the vocal performance, the duo commit to an end product which at most is superbly balanced giving in-part both funktronic and neo-soul identities.

From the onset of the vocally exposing title track “River Cry”, Danny Polaris commits a highly accomplished jazzy performance to the minimalistic ballad, bringing to mind the distinctively rich of tonality of Sam Sparro matched with equal parts of power to Bronski Beat/ The Communards front man Jimmy Somerville.

The rest of the EP is captured of a more flowing connection, linking the tracks with a sonic fluidity rather like a well oiled machine. Much of these additional tracks deliver a mid-tempo momentum of rhythmically deeper seated electronica which engages a pleasure release of intelligently manicured funkalicious grooviness.

i.e. it’s slinkier than a river of hot chocolate. So indulge. Get on it!