mandy rain riot

Nickelodeon seems to be a good jump start for a successful music career. Just look at Ariana Grande. Under the initial mentoring of Nick Cannon, 20-year-old singer-songwriter Mandy Rain is ready to make waves in the crowded music scene with her latest single, “Riot“, a loud pop/dance number which shouldn’t feel out of place on the radio airwaves.

Instead of the generic release, Rain provides an infectious pop track which showcases her set of impressive pipes, pipes that allow the effort to become something much more than typical dancefloor fluff. “I won’t fight it, gonna raise some hell, going hard with you tonight,” the artist sings before the seductive, sexually subtle hook rolls in. It may not be the most innovative release, but it certainly gets the job done.

The three-minute track is the first solo release from Rain in three years, following her departure from girl group School Gyrls. The high energy of “Riot” represents the natural growth and maturity of a young adult in the recording industry. With catchy beats, strong vocals and an impressive progression, the single is a nice start for the artist.

Rain is looking to start a pop riot with the new track. EQ certainly thinks she succeeds.