I was super happy Matt J. Cardy, got to release his “Majestic” EP earlier this summer. A project which had been put on hold for almost a decade. Owing to other exciting career opportunities which lead the multi-faceted talent away from the music scene. (Find out more. Read my review about the “Majestic” EP.) Although, even more, delighted to learn, the find of the old demos has got Matt back on track, creating music once again, with a new song out, aptly named “Restart.”

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While the buzzy electro bops of the “Majestic” EP were of the time ten years ago. A switch to a softer mellow style feels right for 2020 where lyrical authenticity plays a greater, part in the songwriting process than it has done so for some considerable time. More than ever, people are actually listening to the lyrics of songs nowadays. Because of not being written in such abstract ways as they were 30 or 40 years ago. “Restart” is the first of new material written by Matt J. Cardy as opposed to the previous alter-ego Madison. A poignant piano lead effort, expressing what it feels like to come back to a place to find out other people have moved on. To discover, you are the only one still caught up in the nostalgic mindset of distant times.

This song is beautifully chilled. The silky-smooth musicality makes for a wholeheartedly evocative track. Contemplative, yet also inviting and enveloping in its soft melodic tones. This is a whole new side to Matt we haven’t heard before. It seems he’s rather good at tackling dreamy pop. He really does have many strings to his bow, whilst all the while keeping it real. He promises he’s keeping on with the songwriting too, so who knows what direction we might see him take on next. I am invested in Matt’s new journey and interested to find out.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattjcardy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattjcardy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mattjcardy/

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