Reni Lane has a little something for everyone with her new track "Place For Us".  For those that like a little bit of indie flair, well the original version may be something that gets you going.  And for those of you who like a little bit of a beat, well the Glitter and Blitz mix might float your boat.  Personally, I'm quite fond of the RAC remix which combines a bit of both and you can score that one right now over on her MySpace page - it kinda has an old-school Republica feel about it

The scarlet-haired singing sensation has been getting a decent amount of attention from industry execs, she's even scored some early sync deals as "Place for Us" is the theme song to VH1's "Secrets Of Aspen" and can be heard on an episode of popular lesbian drama "The L Word".  

So enjoy these music videos below and make sure to get acquainted and synced up with Reni Lane and her FREE download of the RAC remix "Place For Us" on her MySpace.