While pop supergroup XELLE originally started as one of the most unconventional girl group on the music scene, thanks to the inclusion of former member and RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Mimi Imfurst, JC Cassis and Rony G are now continuing as a crafty, and dare I say, gorgeous duo towards a complete pop takeover.

Following fun, catchy hits including the club anthem “Queen” and debut single “Party Girl“, XELLE is currently hard at work promoting their brand new single “Red Flag“, an empowering, inspirational pop track supported by a sickening beat, dedicated to the LGBT community currently fighting for equal rights in Russia.

“What’s happening in Russia with the anti-LGBT crackdown is reminiscent of Germany before World War II,” declares Cassis. “If we don’t stop the hatred now, it will grow, spread and become more severe.”

As they shout “gotta stand up for my brothers and my sisters” in front of an infectious, electropop beat, XELLE are allowing meaningful, politically-laced lyrics to intercept a traditional-sounding pop track. “When they take away your freedom, it’s a reg flag, when they take what makes you human, it’s a red flag“, the duo sings on the chorus that will surely have listeners throwing their arms open in acceptance.

While it was Imfurst who helped me discover the power of XELLE, JC and Rony seem to be going strong following the mutual split. “Red Flag” is a loud, proud, slightly addictive pop tune from two hard working females fighting for recognition in the world of music. Written by the two ladies along with producer Zach Adam, the new single is another step in the right direction for the group.

Watch the music video for “Red Flag” below. Really giving G.I. Jane realness!