It appears production based artist Draper is leaving no stone unturned in forging ahead down the career path, being that he has gone from wielding remixes to flexing his instrumental production skills on his own original material, culminating in numerous EP releases. With the next step seeing a cohesion of his skillset collaborating with notable rising talents in their own right.

Draper isn’t a guy who sits tight on the one strength. Draper’s strength is that he freely experiments through a spectrum a styles. The current style being put through its creative paces, is that of synth-pop which recently became massively apparent of Draper’s recent team-up with Prides on the synth-pop bombastic anthem “Break Over You”.

Turns out Draper’s dalliance with synth-pop is by no way done and dusted, as he’s struck out a new single which brings the dreamy voice of Julia who fronts up-and-coming synth-pop trio Sykes, on board.

If Draper wanted to go synth-pop he really couldn’t have done better than to seek out Prides and Sykes. Two of genre’s most prominently emerging leading lights.

Whilst “Break Over You” with Prides was an adrenaline fueled banger, Sykes assisted “Ready For Us” beats out a more indietronic impression.

I’ve made point to mention that Julia, Kristian and Will of Sykes can sometimes lean into the Chvrches synth impressionable territory at times, which in teaming up with Draper on “Ready For Us” becomes even more in evidence.

A song that sounds like Chvrches but isn’t Chvrches, what are the chances? Plenty!, but to be fair, there will be a fair few bands who’ve tried to replicate what Chvrches have but I really don’t think it was Draper’s and Sykes intention to channel into the Glaswegian trio’s signature sound, more that it just happened because it all felt like it was waiting to happen. Nonetheless, they have achieved it to shimmering effect.