This is the Scottish alt-pop trio Liimo, I’ve been listening to their music quite a bit lately. They like to make pop music which is evocative, breezy and dreamy. They have a very, good learned way about them of writing melodies with instantly, engaging hooks. I’ve been thinking about writing them for a while actually, but they’ve never quite made it onto the pages of this blog. “Raincheck,” is the track which has changed my mind from my first impression of the band, and has me feeling differently. It is a bolder offering than their usual efforts. Synths have a larger part to play. I think you can already tell why I suddenly perked up about them, huh?

Make no mistake, “Raincheck” is a solid pop song but the release is also a bittersweet one. If any, one track to date, was going to put Liimo on the pop music map, I feel it would be “Raincheck.” It’s a festival-ready bop if ever I heard one, which is a bit shit because of, festival season 2020 being a total wipe-out now. Not unless everything gets moved over to digital platforms and online live streaming, in due course. In such a case, may I put forward a suggestion in Liimo for inclusion on line-ups? “Raincheck” has great energy and I am feeling, pretty pumped sitting here listening to it, in my living room right now, while punching at the air.

Speaking about the track, Liimo says: “‘Raincheck’ is about making more time for the person you really should be making time for. The daily traffic of life throws up so many obstacles that you end up losing out on moments for just the two of you. All these social events that you feel obliged to go to. “Raincheck,” says, ‘F**k it, let’s stay in and get a takeaway.”

I’d say as of now, staying in, ordering a take-out, is the most convenient treat we’ve been able to safely indulge in for weeks. TV dinners are beginning to feel a bit too new normal. Liimo with “Raincheck” on the other hand are tantalising my music tastebuds in such a way that I’ll be hungry to hear more from them if they stick with this synthy vibe.

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