Photo: Brian Eckland

We return to one of our previous featured Emerging Artists, to that of New York residing producer and songsmith Epique who gave us insight into his shiny pop making world with the EDM alluring and dynamically upbeat release of “Relapse Love”.

Joining forces with producer / DJ Evan Scott and Berklee singer Hannah Avison the trio put together a buzzing anthem in situ and perfecto for summer playlists.

This bundle of hot fuss comes titled as the “Queen Of Summer” and jettisons with a effervescent flow of electro-pop buzz equalled in measures with an infusion of brass, guitars and a surprisingly feisty vocal from Hannah, whereupon she proclaims that “I’m the queen of motha fuckin summer, and I spit fireeeeeeeeeeeeee

Well when all said and done I’m not in a position to argue, yet I do think that owing to the catchy nature and simply memorable lyrical hook here, I just might be found strutting about and owning a recital of this chorus over the next few months myself.

The young production team of Epique and Evan Scott excel here in keeping the beats tight and crisp behind all the lyrical bravado, turning this one out as an überly fun pop diddy of which one play of is not enough of, and so they’re giving this one away enabling us to play it to out and turn it up to our motha fuckin hearts content.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Queen Of Summer”