This is the news I have been dying to hear about! SIRPAUL, NY’s king of electropop will release his new album “Escapist Behavior” on February 12th. Through the ’00s, SIRPAUL has coloured my life with his sassy, often provocative pop of the electronic kind. Far from exhausting the same tropes, he keeps on pushing forward and never falls short of dealing us catchy songs that have been made to make us want to grab someone and dance our little socks off. April 2020, saw the release of “Out of Our Minds” the multi-talents first single in four years. He follows up with the second single “Push Up The Fader” and the last teaser from the upcoming album “Escapist Behavior.”

SIRPAUL has been working on this album throughout the lockdowns. Knowing his music style pretty much inside out, I feel certain, that upbeat grooves will remain supreme. I suspect there will be references made to how life has changed during the past twelve months on the record (how could there not be) but, at the same time expect content which is 100% SIRPAUL. Meaning there could possibly (almost certainly) be some innuendo and dirty talk, about to be seeping into our ears.

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Push Up The Fader” is a track which encourages us to make the best of life. A joyful song about celebrating life and music. There is also a special, story attached to the track, which SIRPAUL shared over email (see below…)

Push Up The Fader was recorded in Brooklyn, New York during the lockdown.” SIRPAUL explains, “A magical moment happened while I was in the middle of working on it. I was completely off in my own world, totally lost in the music. I heard all of this really, loud noise happening outside. I realized it was 7 pm and that the sound was everyone cheering for the essential workers. After feeling so isolated during that time, 7 pm had become a moment I looked forward to every night. It was one of the only times when I felt connected to the rest of the world during such a difficult time. I stopped recording and ran out to join in. It was unusually loud that night and some people were banging pots and pans together. Some of my neighbours must be musicians as well because they were playing some really dope beats! I grabbed my phone and started recording while we all were cheering. You can hear that moment in the breakdown of “Push Up The Fader. It gives me the chills every time I hear it.”

What a great track “Push Up The Fader” is. February 12th “Escapist Behavior” album release day is absolutely marked up in my diary!

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