By Mandy Rogers

A mysterious entity from the internet, we have a name Youan and we know that he hails from the UK but other than that we have no further info to go with.

By way of introduction though, we do have one silky smooth, mellow blended, chilled dubstep, electro bumping, cocktail lounge room, down tempo sophisticated dance track to savour and fall ear first into a swirl of exquisite calming tranquillity with an urban vocal twisted upon it.

Everything might be quite hush, hush surrounding this, but I think the breezy nature coupled with the eclectic ambience makes it quite lush, lush  – different and notably good to be honest.

Promises” is infact, one of those songs that if it got locked on the simultaneous loop button on your I-pod, you would just relish listening to it tripping over and over and probably not realise that you’d be listening to it for a full 15 minutes solid ( I know and I did so). 

A track of effortless cool. 

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