Christina Aguilera

By Mandy Rogers

Christina Aguilera recently brought together an intimate
crowd of fans to share some insight upon her newest pop album of note “Lotus”.

Here through this introductory section the empowered and
confident “Your Body” singer reveals her train of thought upon her album making
process and conceptual ongoing theme behind “Lotus” 

Christina further reveals 5 of the tracks in full and serves
each with a short commentary piece.

The next generation “Fighter” up-tempo &
inspirational  “Army Of Me

Embracing her true popstarness and freedom to really sing
creatively through her collaboration on this album with Max Martin. Super fun
song “Let There Be Love” is a defining dance popper o’clock from this album.

At the heart of the record “Blank Page” delivers a heartfelt
ballad of emotionally outpouring sentiment of closure  

Letting loose and having fun on collaborating with Cee Lo
on “Make The World Move” 

……… and finally collaborating with country star Blake
another of her comrades seated beside her on the judges panel (along
with Cee Lo) on this seasons The Voice (USA). 

The Aguilera / Shelton team bring to the table a power
ballad of gripped feelings in “Just A Fool

 Pre-order “Lotus" (releases November 13th)
Lotus - Christina Aguilera