By Mandy Rogers

Get excited Gathania returns!

Another shining starlet from the hit making, Swedish music scene. Gathania turned from Waitressing  to household pop name after coming to notice by becoming a finalist of Swedish Pop Idol 4 years ago.

She ignited quite a maelstrom of attention for her euro pumping debut single “Blame It On You” and quite rightly too, as at it’s creative helm were Jonas von der Burg and the team responsible for guiding Petra Marklund / AKA September to euro pop glory with mega hit “Cry For You”.

Well it worked back then in 2008 / 09, so no reason to change a winning production / writing combo in 2012.  From the words of a life lesson passed down to me by my peers “if it works why try to fix it with something else” – indeed!

The Swedes are already embracing and enjoying the full release of Gathania’s euro dance storming comeback single “Nobody’s Breaking Me” ahead of a planned worldwide release coming soon.

Let’s be ready for it when it’s hits us on full play. Spin the teaser clip and jump into some of the fiercest Swedish disco beats that have bounced our way this year. Believe me this is one, 83 second clip that equals euro-smasheroonie.