I always try to keep an open mind when I hear about new pop artists, especially if they have a unique sound or use niche music styles. With that said. I genuinely believe that the music of Remi Wolf is best described as “out there” in the most positive way possible. Her debut album “Juno” unequivocally proved her to be a musical prodigy. Moreover, her eclectic, innovative pop sound has won her an army of devoted fans. She is a refreshing artist who values authenticity over conforming to the cookie-cutter pop formula that seems to dominate the charts. Even so, as of late, I have observed her music has recently entered the mainstream somewhat. The latest offering, “Prescription,” her first new solo endeavour since “Juno” dropped. Is a track exhibiting a musical styling that instantly brings to mind the music of Prince.

While many music acts have tried in vain to replicate the magic Prince had. The kaleidoscopic pop vibe is a breeze for Remi. Her unique raspy voice on “Prescription” combined with soulful and jazzy beats with added synth elements create a remarkable and powerful fusion not heard in 2000s pop. Streaming figures alone suggest her primarily Gen Z audience is thirstily consuming her every music morsel. Much like they would gulp down a bottled soda through a straw. These stats look set to rise when Generation X clocks Remi is using Prince-appealing vibes in her new song.

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Prescription” was created after a discussion Remi and her friend Boots Riley had about his new series, “I’m a Virgo.” It will appear on the TV series launching this summer.

(“I’m a Virgo” is a coming-of-age story about Cootie (Jharrel Jerome). A 13-foot-tall young Black man who lives in Oakland, California).

Evermore so, Remi is becoming the latest festival darling. Promoters are eager to book her for their line-ups because of her magnetic stage presence and music that appeals to a wide audience. And because they recognise she is one of the top forward thinkers, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation with her music.

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