NextofKinWhat would chocolate chip cookies be without the chocolate? An Oreo without the creme filling? Or even god forbid Reese’s cups without peanut butter! Just like a classic recipe it takes the right ingredients to build a perfect song combination. When you bring in London based DJ Next Of Kin to feed in some sexy beats with the incomparable, EQ Music Blog favourite, Raff on vocals you have a track as sweet as your mother’s home cooking.
This isn’t your mother’s electro fueled track, Playing Out by Next Of Kin ft. Raff has all the features that make it a stratosphere exploding single. One, the deep, heavy beat that Next of Kin has created plays off Raff’s already soulful vocals fitting perfectly in a club setting. Of course we are quite familiar when Raff gets to play around with electro melodies; aural magic will always happen (just check out Soul Electric featured on This Beat is Poptronik Vol 1)! Then, out of nowhere there is this live guitar that reminds me of a 90’s R&B track. Think of the sounds that Janet Jackson was playing with around with during Velvet Rope. The guitar adds this sweet melody to the apologetic lyrics.
The song really tells a story about envisioning a relationship in a positive light, but as always or what seems to turn out for many of us. Things don’t always turn out like you plan them. With the realization that the person is hurting you it’s time to move on. It’s nice to see a break up track where it isn’t all about trashing the other person, but a realization that the signs were there but they didn’t walk away soon enough.
When those times arise it’s time to let yourself go. Instead of reaching for that bag of delicious sweet morsels to escape your break up. So why not let it all go with the perfect recipe of electropop, Playing Out by Next Of Kin Ft. Raff.

Stay tuned right after the song for a sexy little remix!!