We took an interest in the singer/songwriting pop newcomer Belgrave not so long ago, when he came to our attention by way of introduction via track “Is Love Enough” an engaging heartfelt lament steered of sonic pulses and Theo Hutchcraft-esque broody vocals.

It seems the Londoner has somewhat understatedly recently debuted a new song online “Playing Games”, which has most certainly done the biz in piquing our interest some more.

On this outing the emerging artist known as Belgrave brings a glowing note of power ballad definition to his vocal presence, which arrives cushioned on a sonic pillow of twilight dappled electronic atmosphere with the slightest hint of throwback to the Phil Collins classic “In The Air Tonight” entwined about it.

Through it’s revealing twists and emotional narrative turns what remains at “Playing Games” heart is that Belgrave is in possession of an impressively richly rounded crooning vocal packed with sentiment, poignancy and overall goosebump raising intensity.

Strike us down with a feather, I sense a touch of the Bublé effect happening here as Belgrave sincerely delivers a full quote of charisma through his vocal alone, enough so that maybe we should begin to think on him as a pop-throb in the making, albeit most probably a reluctant one I would be of the assumption of.