by Raj Rudolph

One of the brightest young talents that I've been keeping an eye on and waxing blogtastic for quite awhile now is Tao Hypah.  With songs like "Screwed", "Celeb" and his collaboration with Bassmonkeys called "Eyes On You" ignighting my iPod upon every play, it's hard to not get excited every time the young pop enigma releases a new track. 

Tao just put up a video loop on YouTube for another one of his briliant demo tracks called "Play The Girl" which is all sorts of dancetastic.  Make sure you listen to the lyrics too on this one – it's pretty much an anthem about sexual identity and gender bending politics set to a serious thumpin beat.  Mix all of them together and you got a winning combination that speaks novels to the Lady Gaga "Born This Way" generation. 

You should know that Tao Hypah will be a BIG priority for EQ in 2012.  We are backing him all the way and you can bet we'll work with him very closely next year to help further bring his amazing pop music to bigger world stages.  If we were to describe him in two words, those would be – sheer brillance.