The alt-pop duo STAY GLDN, (who twice have brought to our attention dreamy alt-pop gems “Dead Ends Fake Friends” and “Bloom,”) is sharing their third offering with us today. With “Pillow Talk“. Anders and Thom of the Bristol-based duo follow up their impressionable introductory releases. They address the trauma felt when experiencing toxic behaviour in a relationship in the latest song.

You must have noticed (just like me) that we are now seeing a great deal of music emerging from the depth of the Covid-19 pandemic. From a time of extreme test for all personal relationships. In these songs. We are now witness to the thoughts and feelings that surfaced in the last two years. And, consequently, where we are now aware that it wasn’t abnormal for intense negative feelings to blow up or become magnified. Since the global emergency has lessened. The emotional side effects still remain. These need to be worked out. As well as processed and expressed. These factors need to be kept in mind when we analyze “Pillow Talk,” which the duo reveal was written during a time of lockdown.

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Musically on this release. The duo explores more of their pop side than usual. In the song. They have elevated the melody, brightening the mood using uplifting tones that culminates in them delivering their first catchy anthem. You will find a lot of pop artists do this kind of juxtaposition when the lyrical content of a song leans on the heavier side. STAY GLDN is pushing the envelope with “Pillow Talk“. Even the songwriting takes on more of a raw and direct approach.

“‘Pillow Talk” is about a toxic relationship full of jealousy and paranoia. Yet somehow there is a beautiful physical and mental connection which is undeniable and pulls you back in every time”. Says Thom and Anders.

Once again, STAY GLDN confirm my suspicions about them. Happily, while not rushing out new content. They are an alt-pop duo carefully plotting their trajectory with captivating lyricism and memorable musicality. Everything sounds jolly good. The brilliantly executed singles further cement their position as one of the most exciting electronic, alt-pop talents to emerge this year.

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