In the wake of her sad passing in the summer. The music industry as a whole, (including several musicians in particular), were quick to turn their attention to the Olivia Newton-John song, “Physical.” Even though she had a string of well-loved hits. These notably both from her solo music career, eg,”I Honestly Love You,” with some stemming from her acting endeavours, “Hopelessly Devoted To You” and “Xanadu.” She is, without doubt, best remembered though for her mega-hit “Physical“. This being the track that saw her blossom from singing cute bittersweet ballads to a pop siren in an instant. It has since become a song where everyone wants to put their own spin on it.

The need to pay tribute does not apply only to singers. The pop-dance crossover appeal of this track means DJs and producers are also keen in wanting to stamp their individual marks on the song. Hailing from Croatia’s capital Zagreb. Is one such creative, Iness Live. The multi-faceted artist noticed the club-ready aesthetic of “Physical“. Therefore when working her own hot take of the song. In her interpretation of this memorable 80s hit, she takes a dance floor-filling stance.

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Elaborating on the undeniably groovy new mix and why she chose to deep dive into it with an interpretation of her own. Iness Live, herself describes her version of “Physical” as sharing an important message…

“the story is about me breaking free from all the chains surrounding me. Finding freedom in music, in love and finally, the message is love conquers all … you just have to believe in yourself.”

The track is by no means her first-floor filler. There are others. Furthermore, she has achieved awards for her work in the Croatian club music scene. Iness certainly isn’t new to the industry, but she keeps growing in stature with every release.

Physical” is out now and precedes the start of an exciting year for her as she prepares to release new music and an EP and continues to push creative boundaries.

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