Last year The Chainsmokers went through an evolutionary phase. They stepped aside from thumping out hardcore tech-house bangers such as “#SELFIE” and progressively pumped ear melters like “Split (only U)” switching their approach on a more popcentric keel with the pivotal “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya easing the transition with its best of both strengths balancing the books.

From then onwards it’s been much subtler Alex and Drew productions hitting our ears. The almost ballad “Inside Out” with Charlee and of course the further softened strains of “Closer” featuring Halsey and marking Drew’s vocal debut. Perhaps it’s phenomenal success rides on the personal appealing aspects of its narratives and the relatable connection that can be felt more with “Closer” than any other. But to say that The Chainsmokers aren’t anything but serious in everything they’ve done musically is bonkers.

Artistes are musicians and talents that develop and progress. This is exactly what Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have done.

The Grammy nominated duo start off 2017 in a continuation of this new found winning formula with “Paris”, which again is sourced of personalized lyrics giving greatest depth in the Drew’s emotively moving performance and introducing accomplished songwriter Emily Warren (Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes, Sean Paul) as guest vocal assist.

Capitalizing on the direction which landed them their most well received response to date. The Chainsmokers do well to listen to what their growing band of listeners want from them, they have the skills and the fine tuning is now coming into a class of its own.