When it comes to Canadian music exports, it’s safe to say there is quite a bit we’d love to return to sender. I don’t even have to use names; you all know who I’m talking about. Then, once in a while, there is a special export from the Canadian realm that redefines what it is to be…An artist. For Electro-Tastemaker A-Trak, there is nothing to be ashamed of Canada. You are forgiven for everything when his latest single ‘Parallel Lines’ feat. Phantogram touched our eardrums.

Teaming up with the New York based electro duo Phantogram, A-Trak may have a very strong contender for the song of the summer.

‘Parallel Lines’ is another one of those songs that takes you into a bit of an unrequited love story. Taking you back to math class, you know that parallel lines will never intersect. So you could always be staring at someone from a distance but you realize that you can never cross paths as they are way out of your league.  There is something very haunting about Sarah Barthel’s vocals.  She pulls in the emotion right to the forefront that she may not feel good enough for the potential suitor.  This becomes quite evident when you hear her striking voice pierce “Everything I wanted is above me and I’m falling down.” You might say, “Hey! With such a dark lyrical content, how in the hell could this be considered a song of the summer contender?” Let’s settle that for you. With the electronic twist on classic guitar riffs you’re not completely in dance mode. With a song of the summer, you look for that balance between what could be dancy and a song you could chill on the beach with or even take on a long road trip into the middle of nowhere. Regardless. You have all of that with ‘Parallel Lines.’ Just another stellar track from one of Canada’s finer exports.