Astrid S 1

Dear readers of EQ, there has been a battle for my Nordic pop affection playing out over recent times betwixt Aurora and Astrid S. Just that you have landed here under the steely gaze of Astrid S looking down upon you, you already know the outcome of who has conquered my approval.

Whilst, I know Aurora is held in quite high regard. Even throwing the man on the moon into the equation during her part in last year’s John Lewis Christmas Campaign couldn’t break me as a fan. I guess when it comes down to it, I just found Aurora’s attempts a touch too wallowy for my taste and noticeable to me, the lack of overall depth, left me empty and disconnected. I know, I know a Scandic newcomer that didn’t bowl me over, nobody could be more shocked than I! Just goes to affirm to you that I don’t give way to jumping on trends so much.

Where one hotly touted Scandi pop proposition leaps out into the yonder, another is sure to be close behind. Which brings me around to the subject in hand, that of newcomer Astrid S.

I’ll be honest, there is something in Astrid’s saccharin sweet vocals which do hold a certain level of comparability to Aurora, yet there is more of a definition and characterization at play overall, which I can openly climb on board with.

Astrid can also break into lightening the surly glacial Nordic mood with more of an assertive attempt to embody a cool but luxurious sound embedded template over and above her pop noir slant.

On “Paper Thin” we get some of such suggestive opulence, rising up out of the intricate layers of shimmery encrusted electronica into the full bloom of a blissful burst of chorus. Serving as the introduction to her upcoming “Astrid S” titled debut EP, there is much cause for delight, as the commanding artistry within her begins to peek out with nubile thriving potential into the openly awaiting electronic served alt-pop spotlight.

Judging by this performance I remain hopeful that we might now be locked in for more elegant and exquisitely gorgeous times ahead.