If I were to write a one-word review of the new Ina Wroldsen track “Pale Horses” the word I would choose to describe it is, fabulous. However, you as readers of EQ Music Blog know, that is not my preferred review style, and I’m not going to begin changing my habits when sharing my thoughts about new music. So, let’s commence with the diving in, on the song.

Ina earned her stripes as a songwriter and has gone on to become a much-respected hitmaker. A renowned force behind songs for the likes of Clean Bandit, Jess Glynne, Little Mix, Britney Spears and Calvin Harris. From collaborations to features and remixes, the spotlight has started to swing around in her direction since releasing, resplendent 2019, single “Body Parts.” I really feel that Ina has hit a new peak with her current release “Pale Horses” and I am sure this is because she’s found inspiration in a subject which she feels connected with and passionate about.

“As a writer, I am always inspired by the written word. The bible is one of the texts I keep coming back to for inspirational lyricism and especially the book of revelations. It’s a terrifying read and for some reason, I have always been obsessed with the four horsemen. I wanted to write a song using them as pointers to society on a whole as well as our personal relationships with our loved ones. The time we live in is a strange one, and I for one can really, hear the pale horses if I put my ear to the ground. I think we might all do well to stop and listen out for them a bit more.” Ina Wroldsen explains.

We now have a good understanding of the song but what of its sound and style. “Pale Horses” gives us an injection of punchy, pop strewn with percussion elements, euphoric choruses, bursts of a full orchestra and bound by a softer electronic current. Everything has been thrown into this track. It’s like a blockbuster movie being that the impression it leaves is a full widescreen panoramic one, which has been shot in glorious colour. As an on-the-rise pop artist, spectacular efforts like “Pale Horses” signify just one thing, that Ina by way of her solo artist career is predicted to rise even more.

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