It was precisely two years ago (July 2018) ex-The Wanted, boy band member Max George launched his solo music career, with the sun-soaked, electro-pop debut “Barcelona.” At the time of the release, it was indicated more new music would follow on. This was slow to materialise, to begin with, but since the start of the new year, Max has picked up the pace, unleashing tracks thick and fast. I am of the feeling, as a solo act, Max is relishing, exploring new styles and sounds. He’s dropped ballads and club bangers alike. Now he’s experimenting with chill vibes for the delightfully dreamy “Paint by Numbers.”

Now out there, as a self-releasing artist. His, past achievements with The Wanted are still providing Max with the pulling power to land, esteemed collaborators on board. Clarence Coffee Jnr, Ed Drewett, Diane Warren, to single out but three, top tier, names. “Paint by Numbers” which is released through the singers Silver Max Entertainment label sees the return of Britt Burton from his The Wanted days. Trey Campbell (Bebe Rexha, Dua Lipa) and Jonas W. Karlsson (ALMA, ZAYN) as songwriters.

Of the tracks which Max has shared to date, it is the emotive vulnerability shared in the vocal of “Paint by Numbers” which reeled me in. Absolutely, stirring, stuff. A most beautiful love song. The track may be festooned with many references to colours. The way he croons “I know I’m not an artist, but I’ll put in the work. Make me wish I could paint by numbers” has me melting into a puddle of swoonfullness. The lyrics are particularly touching, sincere and tender. Elsewhere, the blissfully spellbinding, melody allow Max to flex all of his vocal strengths. His soulfully dipped, pop voice. Scene stealing, falsetto notes, so poignant that I am suddenly catching feelings, of the notably, warm and fluffy kind. If this song was, a yummy ice cream cone with a chocolate flake placed in it, I’d similarly never want it to end.

Connect with Max George
Twitter: @maxgeorge

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