I wondered how long it would take before I started to receive introductions to emerging artists by citing Mimi Webb as a comparison. To tell the truth, I am a little surprised it has taken as long as this. With the Irish singer-songwriter Stacey Dineen I see the comparison as merely by coincidence and not an intentional move. Listening to the track “Over IT” the noted vocal similarities with Mimi is subtle, yet nonetheless easy to pick out.

Over IT” is not the kind of song I would find myself listening to under normal circumstances. Sometimes it is a good thing to expand our horizons a bit, no? Also attributing to this I’m sure, is the sheer volume of times I have heard “Fingers Crossed” by Lauren Spencer Smith played on the radio. (Subconsciously, having held a powerful influence over me).

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I have spoken a lot about the style of this song and its vocals. When examining the lyrics. These are written in a deeply personal style of songwriting. Sometimes I tire easily of heartbreak-pop songs. This particular heart-on-sleeve tale of love and loss from Stacey has instead held me spellbound. This is because I notice something quite hypnotic and mesmerising in her voice. It must be said the track is a very mature listen in the way it speaks about the breaking down of a relationship. As Stacey puts it “It’s about being over the hurt but not the person, while trying to move on.”

The lush musicality of the track just envelops me. I don’t find myself fighting off the soothing and softness that radiates from all the delicate nuances of the track. I am captivated and drawn in by the special power of the music, the lyrics and the vocals. “Over IT” is only the second single release from Stacey. The calibre is such I would have presumed she had a handful of track releases to her name at least. The track fills me with a feeling of somewhat beautiful melancholy, which I just can’t get enough of.

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