You know I am not that into R’n’B or urban music so much. It is probably because at home with my parents, we didn’t listen to this style of music when I was growing up. I never caught onto urban or R’n’B music as I did pop. I appreciate tracks specifically, with a mix of pop and R’n’B; however,… I am always open-minded about them. When I cast an ear over the Chiara Casali track “Over It“, I wasn’t under any assumptions that I would end up writing about it. Chiara’s buttery vocals sound distinctly modern and mesmerising. It didn’t take long before I fell charmed to this dreamy, soulful track.

Supporting independent artists and musicians is what is most important to me. Therefore, I am always mindful about checking out these kinds of up-and-coming acts. The London based singer-songwriter has succeeded wonderfully in making an impression with her 2021 debut single, “Don’t Lie,” and follow-up single, “Over It.”

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Chiara’s honest, relatable and personal style of lyricism is so good. It is rare to find a song dripping with emotional vulnerability this early on from a new artist. This artistry immediately grabbed my attention. I felt it necessary to venture far from my usual electronic, pop, and indie music coverage to highlight Chiara’s talent.

The more I listen to “Over It“. The more delightful it becomes. In light of the track’s sad sentiment, it’s odd that I should feel this way.

Speaking about the track, Chiara explains…

“It reflects a moment in my life where I decided to take back control and ownership over a romantic relationship and just my life in general.”

Nonetheless, I really, like Chiara’s vocals. As most press releases do, this one came with a side note which suggested this track would appeal to fans of Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa. I don’t mind this comparison because it seems pretty accurate.

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