In the year since he came out of hiatus. He has released the songs “So Much For The World” and “You Turn The Love On.” Yet, when Dear Martin announced he was working on an EP to be confirmed soon, he wasn’t merely spreading a rumour. As a matter of fact, he has come through on his promise today, sharing his first new body of work, the “Out Of The Woods” EP. This is his first mini-project since his 2017 EP “This Is Wrong“.

This new offering boasts four tracks in total. With these new offerings, Dear Martin reminds everyone of these three things. His airy, emotive voice, pristine musicianship, and clever lyricism. Thinking about the title of this new project. “Out Of The Woods” is a phrase we use when we encounter hardship or come up against difficult situations. It is true. The title track does evoke those types of experiences. It is plausible, however, the phrase could also have some dual purpose. Thinking about another use, this could also refer to Dear Martin’s return to music.

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Typically, his style goes beyond what we might find in the pop charts. In this EP, the music element uses minimalist strokes of electronic production. Notably, because of that, it is sensed there is an understated honesty in the songwriting. He goes on to discuss topics, and he enlightens on his feelings towards forbidden love. He also ponders on the eternal quest for life and expresses grief about a lost friendship.

It was a prolonged break between music releases, and yet pleasingly, Dear Martin is back to business making thoughtful, crystalline electronic pop with a graceful touch. While keeping a tight grasp on the introspective, vocal-lead style of melodic pop that earned him success.

Whether his next move is to follow up this EP release, be this quickly or bide his time. Without question. Whatever Dear Martin next produces will continue to impact a generation’s perception and appreciation equally about what quality electronic music is.

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