There is no doubt that it feels a strange time to be releasing music at the moment. However, doing so also makes us feel there is actually, something normal (remember this?) happening in our daily lives. Right now, I am happy to keep being reminded of that. Not concentrate too hard on how in the space of a week, the once, simple things we take for granted, like visiting the local corner shop or supermarket for groceries has suddenly become an extremely, weird experience and more than a little unnerving. I really am looking for music to save the day, pretty much the same as it always has, for me. There is a reason to celebrate, electro-pop artist SIRPAUL has turned-up with his first release in fours years! With the track “Out of Our Minds.” (No reflection, on what happens after weeks of being shut into our homes on lockdown.)

About the single, SIRPAUL says: “This song is about being present in the moment and allowing yourself to feel love. It will definitely make you want to grab someone and dance. I’m definitely, still having a torrid love affair with electronic pop music and it’s never been more apparent than it is on this single.” The artist says, he chose this song to be the first glimpse into “Escapist Behavior” – the super, emotional new album he says he’s completely lost in creating at the moment. “It’s coming, I promise, I just don’t want to leave this space right now… It feels too good.”

Quite possibly, us folks who like nothing better than getting lost in our music will properly relate to the opening lyrics of “Out of Our Minds.” Listening to SIRPAUL, intently deliver the first line “I don’t want to wake up from this dream.” (So true, I am currently feeling like this the minute my alarm clock goes off.) “Ain’t nobody going to keep us from dancing, let them go ahead and try.” (This is what I am seeing when, peering into my inbox, at the volume of press releases and music submissions which have been filing in. Remote working is thriving in music PR.) I also want to point out, these lyrics could easily be reinterpreted as a rallying call to arms for the wonderful resourcefulness pop music artists are coming out with right now.

Out of Our Minds” is a bop and not least for the reasons mentioned above. A song of our time.

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