Multi-Platinum American trio SHAED release their debut album “High Dive” next month (due May 14th.) They gave us a whopping great introduction to the upcoming release back in October 2020, with the feel-good anthem “No Other Way.” I feel now is a good time to step back in with the group as they’ve deployed a shiny, new synth-loaded cut “Osaka” lifted from the long-player effort.

The band says,

“”Osaka” was inspired by our trip to Japan in 2019. We spent two glorious weeks hopping around the island and playing massive festivals in Tokyo and Osaka. We fell in love with the culture, landscape, food and people, and had the best time of our lives. We left Japan with a confidence we never knew existed within ourselves. “Osaka” is an expression of that feeling.”  – SHAED

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This track is colourful and vibrant. Whereby SHAED most certainly seems to have given into, one of their boldest moves yet. “Osaka” arrives on a sonic plain which strikes with arresting dynamism. Not only does it boast a strong electronic presence akin to the psychedelia of MGMTTime To Pretend“, but it also exhibits a truly majestic vibe by way of stunning strings section features from the FAME’s Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra. The way the track swoops in, softly plateaus for a bit before perching you on a euphoric high, will cleanly take your breathe away. Epic, widescreen, stylings. Like a movie soundtrack without the blockbuster movie in tow.

To think when SHAED started out they were similarly traversing the same sonic sphere as London Grammar and now how they have progressed to constantly shapeshifting while keeping everything exuding elegance (even the anthems). The same can be expected of “High Dive” SHAED’s debut album, the band via Instagram proclaim it to be…

“A true representation of the rare highs and tremendous lows we felt in 2020, and an attempt to find joy in the most challenging year of our lives. It’s about feeling depressed, getting drunk, finding love, feeling lost, finding confidence, mourning loss and feeling hopeful. It’s our greatest hope that when you listen to “High Dive” you can relate to these stories, get lost in the music, and sing these lyrics because we’ve all been through a lot together this year.”

Now that’s a statement that feeds my anticipation for this album. Until release day arrives, I’ll be contently tucking into the gloriously superb “Osaka” and loving it.

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