by Raj Rudolph

A new Mika single! And this is not just another Mika single, "Origin Of Love" just so happens to be Mika's favourite new song off of his brand new album of the same name. When I interviewed Mr. Mika about the new album earlier this year, I asked him which song he liked the most and he played me this one. After listening to it, I think you'll agree it's quite magical and whimsical and all-in-all, quite special indeed.

If you haven't picked up Mika's album yet, you need to. "Origin Of Love" has been a regular play in my home for quite some time now and is perfect for any mood – it's just happy pop music for the sheer joy of it and sometimes, well we all could use a bit of that.

Snag it on iTunes. "Origin Of Love" will most certainly make it into our top albums of 2012 list for sure.

The Origin of Love (Deluxe Version) - MIKA