Josef Salvat first found our attention a good year ago now when launching with a buzz via the soulfully and sumptuously brooding track “This Life”.

It was that we likened Josef to a male Lana Del Rey infact. From whence onwards we kind of lost the thread with Josef when he went off and explored a more sonic template of melody through further tracks “Hustler” and “Every Night”.

We feel the need to step back on board as having heard “Open Season” from Josef’s just released debut EP “In Your Prime” is especially glowing with the pop vibes and besides we have never doubted Josef’s vocal talent one bit.

Shine on the soulful one, as when “Open Season” opens out it brings forth intoxicating riffs, sweeping upbeat synth colour and that chorus would quite be fitting of the whip out your lighter and sway in a suitably effective manner.

Rich, deep and silky is how it is going down with us and would comment further, that it is quite the case that is addictively moreish, actually.