It’s difficult to see hardworking artists struggle to get their projects off the ground *cough Neon Hitch, Eva Simons, Skylar Grey cough*.

RedOne recording pop/hard rock artist Porcelain Black falls under this unfortunate category after the disappointing reception toward her first two singles including the Lil Wayne-assisted “This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like“. But Black is shaking off the dust and roaring back in a big way.

For weeks, the artist has been releasing new songs, presumably off her long-delayed debut album Mannequin Factory, on her official YouTube page. Tracks such as “Rich Boi“, “Mama Forgive Me” and “Pretty Little Psycho” have already found their way out to fans, but it is Black‘s latest release, the infectious, woman empowerment anthem “One Woman Army” that has me squealing like a school girl.

One Woman Army“, a pretty good album title by the way, combines Black‘s rock, hip-hop and pop influences into one powerful track based around the incredible hook of “I’m on the battlefield like ‘oh my god’“. The new song brings the artist’s strong, straightforward and dark personality to the forefront, really showcasing a Marilyn Manson/Britney Spears hybrid evolving before our eyes.

Black‘s loud, unique, screamo-like vocal performances pairs well with the rap-sung verses and catchy production on the chorus. Long story short, “One Woman Army” is clearly a hit from the artist after a couple of dare we say… “misses”? Good job girlie!

Might as well check out her more vulnerable “How Do You Love Someone” while you’re at it.