All Saints

It’s not as if the charts these days find themselves pumped up with a littering of girlband’s is it?! The whole concept seems to have nosedived and gone into a decline since Girls Aloud called time on their being. It has to be noticed that girlband’s on the regular, have had more of a tendency over their boyband counterparts to fleeting come and go all within a quick hot step of turn-around.

Whatever happened to The WooWoo’s turned Kitchen Party, The Dolly Rockers and the faltering StooShe even? As fate has served they hardly made it out the gate. But of course, the stifled comeback attempts of MKS have raised much attention but without the flow of output to lever a comeback off the ground. Just when we thought girlband pop was being carried forward by the non-generic Neon Jungle they too put a lid on their girl band days.

Little Mix have all but shouldered it all, and it’s a very roomy arena to be in right as of now!

So that 90’s band All Saints have re-grouped and achieved the feat of recording a new album “Red Flag” is definitely something to be applauded in terms of girlband longevity. Let’s face it “Pure Shores”, “Never Ever”, “Bootie Call”, “Black Coffee” have all become girl pop synonymous. Could All Saints actually turn girl pop around in 2016 though? That is the question!

In revealing “One Strike” they are certainly on to it, game on to claim a throne of sorts I think.

All translates as signature styled All Saints here yet it all kind of merges into the nowness fabric of 2016 which is somewhat admirable in its level of relevancy. To look at and hear them now you’d not think of them as 20 years older. These gurls are still in fine fettle and the harmonizing is just so massively on-point as ever.

If more of the same or better is on its way like I presume might be the case, I am tentatively poised to become an All Saints addict all over again, for sure!