Could it be that because of Valentine’s day, songs about love and relationships are the hot trend evermore so this week? Likewise, because of using a poignant narrative and heartfelt lyrics, the new track out by Linney, “One More Day,” is a sterling example of a song I noticed and is written from the heart. This is not the end of the heart-shaped story behind Linney’s latest otherworldly EDM smash. Her dad, a heart attack survivor, is the inspiration in this song. His positivity and optimism since undergoing pacemaker surgery. Also, his resilience and emotional strength when he recently found out at a health check-up that after years of good function, he requires more surgery.

Linney elaborates,

“He was excited when he told me there was another option – open heart surgery to install a pump in his heart. This freaked me out – but he was excited about it because it was an alternative to death. So we wrote “One More Day” from his perspective about wanting so badly to live life to its’ fullest, that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for one more day here.”

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Even without knowing the back story, the song of its own merit is striking, evocative and uplifting. Not only seen in the lyrics but in the accompanying majestical soundtrack also. The trance-like music creates a spectral undercurrent, an alternative aural other world and is replete with spellbinding production. A masterclass trance anthem which exhibits a hyper-emotional landscape.

There’s so much nuance and detail in that music that you feel as if you’ve lost yourself in a constellation of sparkling stars. At least, this was my experience listening to “One More Day” when collecting my thoughts for this review.

With her unmistakable, mesmerising vocals, Linney is a sought-after vocalist in EDM. Her masterful allure only increases with every new release. If you’re partial to trance and EDM, you should categorically keep an eye on Linney to see what she does next. Since the most likely outcome is that whatever she unleashes subsequently will be excellent.

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