one love

Producer Armand Deluxe and EQ favorite SIRPAUL have found a winning combination with their recent collaborations. After the release of the highly-sexual “Touch Me“, the pair have quickly moved forward with their summer-themed, Gay Pride anthem “One Love“. The new highly addictive pop track is about nothing more than spreading the message of universal love. What message is better than that?

One Love” is the carefree, dance-inspired pro-LGBT anthem advocates would be joyfully singing as they wave their beautiful rainbow flags in the streets of this year’s colorful festivities in cities across the country. The two talented individuals are trying to make it clear that every person is connected, that we all share one mind, one heart, and one love. “Raise our voices, make better choices, join hands, sing it with me boys and girls,” SIRPAUL sings.

Along with “Touch Me”, “Feelin’ Free” and “Love In Stereo”, “One Love” is another successful offering from the dynamic duo that is Armand Deluxe and SIRPAUL, hopefully a full joint album is in the works. The new song carries a positive message, the production is dance-ready and infectious while SIRPAUL gives a convincing vocal performance to wrap everything together nicely.

Job well done.