Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

By Mandy Rogers

In the mood for a toe tapping tune? We thought so! and
that’s why we’re blasting the intricate melodies of Cherry Cherry Boom Boom
into your rooms, hand held devices or wherever your viewing us from.

Martin Kierzenbaum has sealed a new light and airy tune of
contemporary funk and acoustic piano pleasantness that rings with delightful
charm and a satisfying glow.   

One and Only - Single - Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

Wait up that is NOT all! Dutch house remixer god R3hab has
only been set to werk on it and fierced it up with freakin awesome electro
house glam, definitely firing in some boom boom into the mix.

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, brightening both our day and night
time with a choice of mood suited mixes to sell that tune – and they do, oh they
do! Make sure to pick it up swiftly as
it’s unleashed for your pure enjoyment today on iTunes.