It is very, nice to get caught up with emerging pop singer-songwriter Jazz Mino once again. She was first brought to my attention by way of her brightly coloured, electro-pop anthem “Warriors” released in 2018. A song where we saw her talent shine through and her intent to make her mark on the pop scene. It was a very, good song which enabled Jazz to lay some foundations in the pop arena and that of club radio as well. She recently wrote in to tell me, she has lots of new music to release this year, starting with “Old Friends.” A track about cutting toxic people out of your life and building yourself back up.

The first thing I noticed about the new track was, how much more stripped back it is in comparison to Jazz’s previous singles. It trails the pop aesthetic more prevalently than the club, dance-pop style she broke out with. In this new way, she musically presents herself, the lyrics are first and foremost the main focus of the track. (Guess she really wanted to see that her message got across to those former sh*t talkers in her life.) “Old Friends” is a track of quirky melody teamed with, heart on sleeve lyrics. A little tongue-in-cheek, she deals in plain-talk but rather than be viciously acidic, her vocals are somewhat playfully, nonchalant.

I am really liking how Jazz has evolved in her artistry. She pens lyrics to be proud of, so it’s great that this time around, they are getting the fully-fledged star treatment. She clearly, has a lot to say on topics we can relate with. Lending her voice with such aplomb is a source of strength and empowerment. Moreover, I feel there seems to be something quite exciting happening here. I am, woke at the prospect of having more addictive melodic, pop gems on the way from Jazz Mino. While, aiming-high, she is making a good claim with this new material. It firmly places her as an incredibly exciting prospect on the UK pop scene.

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Twitter: @Jazz__Mino