I am a tiny bit embarrassed. I did not get around to supporting anything of the new project from Röyksopp as yet. The Norwegian duo launched their “Profound Mysteries” project earlier this year. (An expansive creative universe and a prodigious conceptual undertaking). There is a voluminous supply of music releases and videos from Röyksopp’s new era already. I have been feeling the need to cover at least one of these new songs on the blog lately. With “Oh Lover” the latest out and with the teasing the release of “Profound Mysteries II” (arriving on Friday.) This is my cue to jump on board once more with the two-headed Norwegian monster, electronic music makers.

Profound Mysteries II is a direct continuation of the first instalment,” says Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland. “Reoccurring themes such as love & loss, despair & reconciliation, are wrapped up in an esoteric nod to those artists and genres that shaped us in our formative years.”

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The duo are today, remaining rather tight-lipped about “Oh Lover,”(the latest track they’ve leaked out). They named frequent collaborator Susanne Sundfør as the vocalist. Although have not elaborated upon the lyrical deeper meaning of the song. Instead, they promise a livestream coming to YouTube on Friday 19th of August at 18:00 GMT. The “Profound Mysteries IIContinuous Visual Experience.

In releasing, a complete visualizer directed by Jonathan Zawada for this one song. In addition to a glimpse of the Jeppe Rønde-directed video clip teasing the “Profound Mysteries II” continuous visual experience. The duo is really teasing us. On the song. The vocals are sublime and are giving off Moyka vibes. Otherworldy and transcending. Unlike most music videos released lately. This clip of the much longer visual experience has a story woven through it. To be honest, I do not have all of what is happening in the teaser clip quite worked out. (The point of it, I guess). They have my interest. What I see here, however, grips me. They have won my attention. In order to find out how this video ends. I will be tuning in to the Röyksopp livestream on Friday night for sure.

Besides, the dreamy vocals on this track makes my heart flip like a coin. I have no other words to describe than sublime.

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