So it appears that Goldfrapp have gotten the pleasantries over and done with via the first new single release of the album campaign for “Silver Eye”, with the purely synth buzzing lead track “Anymore”. Yet, are keen to show us that they’ve lost none of their experimental edge by revealing another taste from the long player which comes in the shape of industrially hard-wired second offering “Ocean”.

These two tracks couldn’t be further removed from one another in style. Goldfrapp are dabbling in the diverse once again, and it’s quite possibly to be regarded amongst some of their most seriously electronic material that harks back to their beginnings. Expansively building on the darker moments from “Black Cherry” and forming a deeper electronically galvanised sound.

In this creative venture Will and Alice harness the unpredictable temperament of this vital part of our eco-system, through a full range of electronic dynamics. Sonic tones denoting the waters placid qualities which in a moment’s notice are flipped to express the roaring power of the ocean, captured in a tsunami of crashing chords and brooding synths.

Anymore” is the album opener from “Silver Eye”, whilst “Ocean” comes down the bottom of the tracklist as the album closer. What comes between them to get us from light to dark remains to be seen, but feel sure that “Silver Eye” is going to take the listener on an intriguing electronically diverse adventure.