Recently I went to the cinema to check out OZ and was taken aback by how many movies featured a post-apocalyptic plot. While I am not entirely sure what the obsession is with the end of the world, I was thrilled to learn that M83’s Anthony Gonzalez would produce the score for the “Oblivion” soundtrack. The news suddenly became even better once I learned that Norwegian singer Susanne Sundfor was featured in the lead song. You might remember Susanne Sundfor from the current Royskopp single, “Running to the Sea.”

True to a good soundtrack theme “Oblivion” is dramatic and beautifully arranged. The director of the film, Joseph Kosinski calls Gonzalez’s work, “aspirational, emotional and uniquely his own.” The impressive track won me over more than the trailer.

Perhaps now I’ll actually see the film which stars Tom Cruise.