Photo by the man: David O’Donohue

We only became aware of the Nashville based synth-pop band KAPTAN just recently when introduced to their indie euphoric pressing “Jump”. Yet hurrah for us won as instant fans, there appears to be more of the dancible shaped, indebted synth-pop in the tank to bring out another track to our awaiting audio senses.

With the arrival of shimmery new single “Numbers” I am quickly learning that KAPTAN really do give good level best with every effort, because everything about this song is immaculate in its design.

Shimmer gives way to dreaminess. Softly, indie house vocals bring onside a full bloom of synth rousing chorus.

KAPTAN has well and truly captured our attention again, and I don’t expect this will be the last time it happens either.

These guys need to be put on the same bill as St Lucia because they are so ripe for it. Can you just imagine that radness an evening of that would bring? #HYPE!