Tesla Boy

I had already marked this up as one to look out for. Its our boys out in Russia. The everso electronically retro-futuristic Tesla Boy no less, who have recently taken their electronic pop show back on the road for some dates on the US West Coast. (Still waiting on word for a UK leg sometime guys!)

With these dates came the announcement of new single “Nothing“, and likely this will not be an isolated event because something tells me, we should stayed tuned into the synthy sonic new waves that Tesla Boy bleed out with ease from their keyboards, pads and electronic music hardware, as additionally they’ve been in the thick of social activity facilitating a crowd funded campaign for a new album.

As a treat over the festive break, the Tesla guys laid on a very twinkly piano cover of what is now the new single “Nothing“. Delivered by Anton Sevidov in it’s purest form, the acoustic rendition reveals a deeply impassioned connection to the soul-searching lyrics.

And lovely as though the stripped back format is, I know the synth-pop freaks among us along with myself, are now desperate for a listen to the full measure of the final polished single edit.

Well our luck is in, as by visiting the link provided below, we can be taken off into Tesla Boy’s wired world of fizzing electronic pop and soak up the generous 80’s radio active slant on the track.

Listen to Radio Version / Edit “Nothing” by Tesla Boy