Brandyn Burnette

A few times now, soul-pop artiste Brandyn Burnette has been presented to me with his sonically strewn offerings. Yet this is the first time that Brandyn has made the pages of EQ.

I’ve held back on going with Brandyn thus far, as I had a curious inkling that the real sized tipping point was yet to come from the aspiring newcomer, but I’ve also been of the opinion that it wouldn’t be too long in arriving also.

I feel I’ve been justified in waiting out for the ‘precise’ moment to materialise that Brandyn Burnette went from artist playing out ideas, to the refined artist, at last settled in his own sense of direction.

Out of Brandyn’s much anticpated debut EP “Made Of Dreams” it is new single “Nothing At All” that has seen through my exact change-of-heart.

See, I’m getting a fair amount of Jamie Woon style lamenting soul from Brandyn amidst a soundscape of wavering sonic bleats and it all equates to eargasmic dreamy magic, touching down from a divinely blessed, otherworldly pop arena.

Now you could also go as far to say, there’s also a passing resemblance to Erik Hassle’s “Somebody’s Party” EP effort emanating from Brandyn’s “Nothing At All”, but you can see which way we are going in the cut with this. It is premium rate contemporary pop with a left-of-field side order of intoxicating R&B at that.

From the previous times I’ve listened to Brandyn Burnette and with eyes tightly shut, absorbed into the swaying guide rhythm playing out and willed him to give me more. I’m pleased to say, I’ve reached the pinnacle of decision and I’m all ears now to Brandyn’s blue eyed soul and readily await more melodic hits of this ilk to come through and take me to pop heaven.