Since bursting onto the music scene a decade ago in 2014, The Chainsmokers have experienced significant growth and success. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have solidified their presence in the EDM music scene, showcasing their evolution as artists. With the release of their newest EP, “No Hard Feelings,” they seem to be revisiting the electrifying energy of their early days as a burgeoning duo. However, this time, they bring a wealth of experience and fresh creative concepts to the table. Thus promising an exciting exploration of their musical journey.

After immersing myself in the EP over the weekend, I can confidently say that it stands out as my top favourite work from the artists. It’s evident that Alex and Drew have not only matured as individuals but also as artists, and this growth is clearly manifested in their latest music. The way they have honed their soundscapes in a subtle yet powerful manner while also elevating their lyrical storytelling is truly impressive. One particular track that encapsulates this growth is “No Shade at Pitti,” the EP’s latest focus single.

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The song embodies the essence of the duo’s early work while incorporating elements of a new, sophisticated dance style. The lyrics depict a profound transformation, symbolizing the abandonment of old patterns and the embrace of a fresh perspective. It’s a powerful anthem of rejuvenation, personal growth, and new beginnings. A theme that might not have resonated with The Chainsmokers back in 2014.

Celebrating the new EP, the guys have released official videos for new tracks Bad Advice” with ElioTennis Court and Green Lights (demo),  all of which bring them back to the snowy mountain landscape. Plus, a special lyric video (above) for the new single “No Shade at Pitti.” 

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Welcome to The Chainsmokers’ next era with “No Hard Feelings”. Stay tuned for more very soon!

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