By Mandy Rogers

Whilst the radio stations are primed with DJ’s of the female
persuasion, chirping out their daily banter and spinning out the mass appealing
trending cuts of these times. It’s still not ever so commonplace to find a
feline profiling behind on the booths and decks on the club circuits, but of
those that are out there stealing the occasional limelight from the male
saturated DJ-ing crowd are definitely giving it their all in a giant leap for

Immediately when thinking of the UK Little Boots,
Goldierocks and Annie Mac are the strike force that instantly spring to mind,
but on a global scale, the names do not so readily trip from my thoughts and

I think we should discover one such female phenomenon that’s
creating a recognised name for herself out there in the land of OZ.

Minx has far from done it all, but having DJ’d alongside
David Guetta, been the follow up act to storm the stage after sets from both
and Tiesto. It’s no wonder that the Sydney sensation has turned
industry heads and clocked up masses of festival appearances with an elite
showing as this.

Testament to her production and mix skills all comes into
play on her crowning as the 2011 winner of Australian run competition “She Can

Proof is in the pudding as they say, or in this case
more aptly the mix. Teaming up with Australian Idol alumini Reigan Derry on "Night To Remember", Minx
pulls out the flashguns of trance laden dance, in vivaciously raucous and top
draw fashion. Thrusting her beats and deploying her dance bombs into the
clubbing arena that is worthy to see them bounce and rebound around the clubs around the