Nick Hagelin

Photo: Kendrick Dean

Atlanta recording artist and all round cute person Nick Hagelin and EQ Music Blog go way back, back to a few years ago now, when the fresh-faced dreamboat first began launching his boppy electro-pop tunes onto the music scene. All told, we were instantly smitten and beside ourselves in the presence of the burgeoning pop sensation as it so happens, in so much that we couldn’t stop writing about Nick infact! Well you could hardly blame us of these actions when that debut EP “Take Off” dealt some seriously good tracks.

Following this, Nick then took some time to reassess the direction of his music, but here he is once again evolved now as independent artist and ready to serve a full EP of R’n’B pop accented tracks, stripped back acoustically to expose that the beautiful crooning vocal to the max.

As the ingenuously titled “Nick Hagelin” EP plays out, it is clear that it is an even better Nick Hagelin before us than the one who came before us three years ago, one that seems to have grown into his own particular niche. Arriving refined and toned, the too die for vocals are really quite giving off something extraordinarily special, along the lines of Justin Timberlake.

Don’t however, be fooled by the on the face of it simplistic approach as the list of production credits on this EP read like a mini industry directory of names spanning various producers associated with Rihanna to that of modern day pop guru Ryan Tedder.

Once upon a three years ago we fell a little in love with the voice of Nick Hagelin and now it feels very much like its happening over again.